In short, this is a vocational training opportunity to help you better understand the Cypriot labour market whilst acquiring necessary skills to be employable.

This is a pioneer pilot program by which you can develop their skills to achieve the first step towards self-reliance whilst meeting new people. Learning how to cope within the Cypriot labour market will give the beneficiary more power and flexibility to earn a better living.

  1.  Recognized Refugees
  2. Resettled Refugees
  3. International Protection Beneficiaries
  4.  Asylum Seekers
  5. Third Country Nationals (those with either student, work or spouse visa)

No. This program will not affect anyone who is qualified or receives benefit allowance. That means that whilst “First Step” cannot help you acquire benefit allowance, if you do receive any allowance from the Republic of Cyprus, your allowance will not be affected in any way by participating in this program.

This is not a job opportunity; however, it is a program that aims to open up job opportunities for you after its completion.

No. The aim is to help you acquire the skills to find a job on your own. However, there is provision for 25 placement opportunities by the end of the program.

The program will help those who need assistance to develop their English language skills in order to participate. There will be groups of English language lessons before the start of the vocational trainings and interpretation help for large linguistic groups in the class during Phase B’ trainings.

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